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As a Data Annotation Specialist (Prompt Engineer) at Meta through TEKsystems, I collaborate closely with Engineering and Production teams. Leveraging my expertise, I develop and craft prompts, utilizing tools such as, to construct characters that enhance model performance. My role extends to offering valuable insights and evaluation figures to Engineering and Production teams, contributing to the refinement and optimization of processes at Meta.

Also as a former web app developer that is pivoting to data science world with a basic knowledge in cybersecurity. Even though my tenture at Infosys Limited was short, I am blessed to be provided with support and opportunities to contribute and learn new things outside of my comfort zone.


As a graduate of Computer Science department, it is thrilling for me to be able to apply my knowledge to a real-world problem. I like to challenge myself and learn new things.

I am an enthusiast of data science, finance, blockchain and cyber security, as I believe the increasing popularity of data-centered approach business model  can benefit greatly with blockchain technology. This is due to the fact that blockchain can offer a way to be transparent with data in an ever-restricting regulation environment.

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